Welcome to the 2010 Boston Burningtruck project! Our mission is simple - to provide round trip transportation for artwork, projects, bikes, and supplies from Boston to Black Rock City! This is a community driven, not for profit project, where our goal is to get your stuff to the playa and back on time and in one piece.

It's all different this year...

I'm really doing it this year...I'm shifting this over to a community run and managed project since it is so essential to the Boston Burning man experience. If you want to use the containers, you are required to get involved. Go sign up for the burningtruck googlegroup.


All of you are volunteers! Plan on arriving early on loading and unloading days and making a day of it! Furthermore, please take loading and unloading into account when making your travel arrangements. See my full rant in the fabulous container guide.

Share Types

Full Share ($400) A Full Share entitles you to 100 cubic feet of space. Buy a bunch and ship what you want as long as it is packed as described in the container guide.

Bicycle Share ($120) A Bicycle Share entitles you to ship one bicycle in the container. Your packed bike must not occupy more than 20 cubic feet and must be packed as described in the container guide. This is strictly for a bike.

Bicycle and One Box ($185) Bicycle and One Box entitles you to ship one bicycle(20 cubic feet) and one box no larger than 12 cubic feet. Both the Bike and Box must be packed as described in the container guide. This is strictly for a bike and one small box.

Payment must be received within 1 week. Reservations will automatically be dropped so others who might pay on time can have a chance to sign up.

The list of who has reserved and who has paid for shares is available here.

2010 Schedule